29th August 2020

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School Room’s importance has been listed

The former Boxted Methodist School Room has been placed by Colchester Borough Council on a list of buildings which are of historic or architectural interest – which should safeguard it from being demolished or altered in such a way as to change its appearance. The decision was taken by the Local Plan Committee.

Built in 1907, the importance of the School Room is that it is believed to be the first building in the Colchester area to be built by what was a new method of construction at the beginning of the 20th century, by means of precast concrete blocks.

The School Room had been the headquarters of Boxted Methodist Silver Band for the past 113 years.

The Methodist Chapel is already on the List of historic buildings, to which the School Room has now been added. The Chapel was sold a few weeks ago, and the School Room is currently on the market.

Chairman of the Band is Sir Bob Russell, and it was his request to Colchester Borough Council for the School Room to be Listed following research he carried out earlier this year at Essex Record Office. He spent hours reading through the Minutes of Boxted Methodist Chapel which are archived there.

Sir Bob said: “I was fascinated to read the history of how School Room came to be built, and to discover that what was then a revolutionary form of construction in the UK is believed to be the first in the Colchester area. That is certainly the view of The Concrete Society who I contacted.”

Although now homeless, the Band is keen to remain in Boxted and there is optimism that this will happen. Sir Bob said: “Boxted Methodist Silver Band is looking forward to a new challenge – continuing with its proud traditions but adapting to meet the future with confidence and optimism, staying loyal to the Christian foundations which has sustained it for the past 122 years…….and still based in Boxted, the village which has supported the Band over the generations and to whom the Band looks in confidence for further support in the years ahead.”

One small ask – please wear a mask.It is now compulsory to wear face masks in stores. Exemptions apply:

  • A child under the age of 11
  • A person with breathing difficulties
  • Anyone with someone who relies on lip reading
  • People with disabilities

Thank you for understanding and keeping yourself, other customers and our volunteers safe


Boxted Parish Council

Good news for anyone wishing to book Boxted village hall for an event – plans are to open from 1st September but with several changes due to Covid 19.

Read the draft minutes of meeting here

To make enquiries please contact Debby Eley at: 


Asian Hornet Week 2020

The British Beekeepers Association is asking everyone to look out for Asian Hornets in Asian Hornet Week 2020 from the 7th to 13th of September.

The hornet’s Latin name is Vespa velutina and it’s an alien species that could decimate our pollinators if it gets established in this country. Honeybees are a particular favourite of the Asian Hornet.

Above: Two Asian Hornets marked for tracking to nest in Jersey

Autumn is the time for trapping hornets as they are building their secondary nests and have a lot of larvae to feed, particularly the new potential queens. Honeybees are their favourite source of food. The hornets hang around hives of honeybees waiting for foragers to come out.

In Asian Hornet Week we ask beekeepers to put an hour aside every day to check their hives for hornets hanging in the air around the entrance – a behaviour known as hawking. We want members of the public to keep their eyes open for them too – See it! Snap it! Send it! – So use your mobile to take a photo and download the Asian Hornet Watch app to help you identify what you’ve seen and to report it to the Non-native Species authority.

Our chair, Anne Rowberry, said: “We need you to look very carefully. Asian Hornet nests can be found almost anywhere, at the top of a tall tree or in the eaves of a house, but have also been found in hedges. Do not approach a nest if you find on, stay at least 20 metres away. Just take a picture of the nest and area where you found it and send it in on the Asian Hornet app. Individual hornets may be found sharing the blooms on a bush with other pollinators. They will not mind you photographing them, but don’t annoy them by getting too close, like all insects they do not like the thing they are standing on to vibrate and we have a very clear demonstration of that in one of the videos we will be releasing in Asian Hornet Week.”

Covid-19 effects

We have been running the week since 2017 when the first Asian Hornets were found in this country. This year, we have had no sightings which could just be because Covid-19 has meant that fewer people are out and about to spot them and their nests or there has been less traffic from France.

During the week, we will be releasing on youTube a guide to how to use the app, several informative videos and an infographic about them.

For further information please contact BBKA press officer, Diane Roberts: 07841 625797

Church services

Services will be via invitation to Zoom – please email lwb.wb.gh.parishes@gmail.com to request details.
  • 30 August:
    Fifth Sunday, Three Parishes Holy Communion on Zoom at West Bergholt, with a guest speaker, Rev. Dave Beales who coordinates Pioneer Ministry in the Diocese
  • 6 September
    10:00 am – 11:00 am
  • 13 September
    10:00 am – 11:00 am

Should you require prayer please contact Revd Mandy Elmes via email lwb.wb.gh.parishes@gmail.com.

Sunday services are on theLangham and Boxted Church Website for all to view under Streamed Services. https://lb-churches.co.uk/streamed-services/ They will be uploaded on Sunday afternoons for as long as services are streamed.

Download the services booklet here

Daily Hope – a free phone line of hymns, reflections and prayers. Available 24 hours a day on 0800 804 8044 has been set up for those unable to join in online church services during the period of restrictions.Click here for further details.

Newspaper Delivery person needed

Gt Horkesley Post Office Stores are looking to employ someone to deliver the daily newspapers.

Telephone 01206 271306 or call in.


Share your home and make a difference to a young person’s life

You can help to transform the life of a young person by sharing your home and offering them a safe and nurturing environment. Supported Lodgings Providers with Essex County Council help young people aged 16-18 and guide them on their journey to independence.

You don’t need any specific qualifications to provide Supported Lodgings. You can be working, unemployed or retired, single, married or living with a partner. We carefully match young people to your family, offer local training and 24/7 support, and you can receive £250 per week, per young person.

Find out more about Supported Lodgings here. Alternatively, you can give our friendly team a call on 0800 801 530.

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Mobile library

Every three weeks on a Thursday 10.10am to 10.40am at Boxted Village Hall car park.

  • 10 September
  • 1 October
  • 22 October

Digital help at home

Remember that this service is still available online. Michael Smith at Colchester Borough Council is still offering digital support via a remote service. See the Council’s webpage or, for further information.

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