Good Neighbours

The Churches of ST Mary’s Langham and St Peter’s Boxted


Are you elderly, vulnerable or otherwise in need of help, and live in the Parish of Langham with Boxted? We are a group of local Volunteers who can help with transport to an important appointment, collection of things such as prescriptions, or make a friendly visit just for a bit of company.

Call so that we can help you, Monday to Friday, 8am to 7pm

Monday……….230525 or 272773
Wednesday….272755 or 272774
Thursday……..07842 034489 or 07765 037892
Friday………… 271813 or 619907 or 07598 133413

Please telephone the number(s) shown for the DAY ON WHICH YOU MAKE YOUR CALL (not the day of your appointment). If there is no reply, please do not leave a message but RING ANY OTHER NUMBER.

Revised13/01/2022. Organiser Arabella Brentnall, 01206 272013