8th January 2018

Mobile Library

Tuesday 9 and 16 January

10.55 – 11.30 am

Boxted Playing Field car park
Read a review of the book, The life-changing magic of tidying up here:

Boxted Parish Council

This month’s meeting is on Wednesday 10 January from 7 pm in the village hall.
Read the agenda for BPC’s January meeting here:

Evergreen Club

Bring and Buy Sale

Thursday 11 Jan from 2.30 in the village hall.

Church Services

Sunday January 14

9.30 am sung Eucharist: St Peter’s Boxted

3 pm Boxted Methodist Church Anniversary Service with the Methodist Silver Band.

The community zone wardens will be at the Community Hub on Monday 15 January for any queries to do with Colchester Borough Council matters. They also can issue recycling equipment.

History Group

Life as a Tudor Housekeeper by Eleanor Jenkins.

Wednesday 17 January 7.30 for 8 pm

Boxted Village Hall
Gwen Gant’s funeral will be held at 2.30 pm on 30 January at St Peter’s Church .

Defibrillator Instruction night

Thursday February 8 from 8 pm.

Boxted Lodger’s Football Club has received grant funding for a defibrillator which will be kept at the clubhouse. A highly qualified Fire Officer is to come to the Community Hub and give instruction on using the defibrillator and resuscitation techniques. The defib talks to you as you use it so it is not frightening but in a `highly charged` life saving situation it is helpful if you have had some instruction before.

The Bar will be open so it will also be a social night as well as a highly important instruction night on how to try to save somebody`s life.

All welcome.


Northern Gateway Sports Hub

Boxted Parish Council has submitted the following comments:

Boxted Parish Council have reviewed the plans and wish to make the following comments:

The Sports Hub Proposal is on the Boxted parish boundaries and will have particular impact on small holdings along Straight Road and Langham Road. We would therefore wish to ensure that there are detailed assessments of the impact to these nearby neighbouring properties in terms of light pollution; noise from outdoor activities; and loss of visual rural amenity.
With this in mind this Council wish to ask that there should be no outdooor floodlights on the rugby pitches, the dog training area or the American Football field which are the facilities closest to our parish borders and therefore those that will have the most impact for Boxted. Any lighting requirements at the site should be directed south rather than North to prevent further light pollution to Boxted.
In order to lessen the impact of the loss of visual amenity, and to preserve the distinctive rural aesthetic associated with Boxted, a historic legacy of Boxted Heath, we would like detailed plans to include green visual screening on the boundaries with Boxted which should include indigenous species such as hawthorn and oak and consideration of earthworks or a bund to minimise noise and light whilst any landscaping is allowed to mature over years to provide this.
There is also concern about extra traffic that may be generated and we wish to re-iterate that travel plans should be in place that ensure vehicle access is directly off the A12 and not off Langham Road and that improvements are needed to Runkins corner to ensure safe access for all users. Access for vulnerable road users, including pedestrians, cyclists and horse rider, to the facility is of particular concern given that Langham Road currently has no pavements and is currently unsafe for walking and highways safety for both vehicles and pedestrians along Straight Road Boxted remains a concern and must be addressed if the road is to be expected to take additional traffic for this facility.
Boxted Parish Council also wish to ensure that an equestrian amenity is included in the park as shown in various stages of planning and wherever possible surrounding footpaths be converted into bridleways to provide a safe route for horse riders to the sports hub centre which avoids busy roads.
Finally, our adopted Neighbourhood Plan has set out the need to ensure that the rural village of Boxted does not co-alesce with urban Colchester and retains green space between the parish boundaries and the suburbs of Colchester. All development plans must ensure that this priority is adhered to and recognise and be sympathetic to the fact that part of Boxted lies within the Dedham Vale area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Mrs D Humphris
Clerk to the Council
Boxted Parish Council

A representative from Colchester Borough Council replied:

Dear Ms Humphries,

Thank you for your Council’s response to our pre-planning submission informal consultation on the proposed sports hub at the northern gateway. We recognise your comments and indeed our consultants are addressing the environmental and including lighting issues in particular through the studies and proposals that are forming part of the detailed planning application.

• The current proposals do not include lighting north of Salary Brook for the sports or recreation areas and also in recognition of the ecological interests around the boundaries of the site.

• Our landscape architect is taking very much an ecological approach and providing for native species for the landscaping.

• A travel plan will be included with the application and as part of the process we are addressing the road safety aspects of the scheme for all users including pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders

• We are able to include a horse riding route across the site but this cannot be designated a bridleway as such by the county; however, we are working with Essex Bridleways Association to ensure that it is designed to appropriate standards.

• We note the adopted Neighbourhood Plan and its priorities and thank you for drawing our specific attention to it..

Thank you for your comments; you will of course have opportunity for formal comment as part of the statutory consultation process later next year.

I copy this also to the councillors who have also expressed concerns in general for the rural areas to the north of the proposed site, and to key specialists working on the sports project. .


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