13th February 2017

Mobile Library

Tuesdays 14 and 28 February

Boxted Playing Field car park 10.55 – 11.30 am

Boxted WI

Talk and demonstration: ‘Look Good and Feel Better’. Tuesday 14 February. Boxted Village Hall 7.30 pm.

History Group

History of Essex County Hospital – a talk by Dr Sabrizio Casale

Wednesday 15 February Boxted Village Hall 7.30 pm

An Evening of Local History

Presented by the Langham Parish Council Heritage Committee: A talk by Simon Gallup, with display of local photographs, 7.30 pm Friday 17 February in the Community Centre. Tickets £3, including light refreshments, from the Community Shop (272431), Liz Schofield (272448) and Chris Graves (272019) or on the door.

Church Services Sunday 19 February:

9.30 am Family service at St Mary’s, Langham.

A speaker from Samaritan’s Purse will be talking about the shoebox gift scheme ‘Operation Christmas Child’. Children from Langham and Boxted primary schools have been invited to the service.

11 am HC service at Boxted Methodist Church led by Rev Steve Swann

Boxted Airfield Historical Group

On 21 February at 7.30 pm James Chandler will speak on “It was a Schoolboy’s year in the Falklands after the Falklands War”. All events held at the museum visitor centre in Langham Lane, Langham, unless otherwise stated; admission by donation of £4. Details available from Jeremy on 07885 657255 or jezzyh

Boxted Royal British Legion AGM will be held at the club premises on Saturday 25 February at 8pm.

The Royal British Legion is a charity providing support for the Navy, Army, Air Force, Reservists, veterans and their families.

In Boxted like many other communities in the country there is a local branch of the Legion. Membership is £17 for a year and helps support the national charity which has some obvious connections here in the Colchester area along with providing a magazine with information on how the lives of veterans are supported.

Also in Boxted is a British Legion Club which is available for members of the British Legion to join. Membership of the Club, located on Straight Rd, is £10 per year and provides a bar with social activities, pool, darts and a friendly atmosphere. Membership is only for British Legion Members so in total the cost is £27 for the year for both British Legion and Club membership.

Regular family events at the Club include children’s parties at Easter, Halloween and Christmas, barbecue events in the summer and music. There has also been pantomimes, quizzes and psychic nights organised. Members benefit from a well stocked bar with draft beers and regular guest ales, there is a large TV screen often showing major sporting events and at the heart of the activity is providing a great social networking hub. There is currently a need for more pool players to join a Sunday league for those keen to take part.

Boxted’s British Legion has regularly raised significant funds for the Poppy Appeal through its events and activities and we welcome new members. For more information or to join contact Barry Took on 01206 272428 or 07941 724543. www.branches.britishlegion.org.uk/branches/boxted

Family Quiz Night

Saturday 4 March. Boxted Village Hall.

In support of the village churches’ youth groups.

For more details contact Dominic Shiel on 273324

A defibrillator has been installed outside the Langham Community Centre.

Thanks go to the Community Heartbeat Trust who guided Langham Parish Council through the process of acquiring and installing the unit.

The primary purpose was initially for the residents of Langham, the clubs and societies that use the Community Centre, local schools and local businesses. However, as the unit is registered with the Essex Ambulance Service it can be accessed by anybody if they call 999.

The unit itself is a state of the art defibrillator, which has both audio and visual instructions. This makes it useable by non English speaking people and those who are hearing impaired.

A training session will be given to a number of people from Langham and local businesses.

It is hoped the unit will never have to be used but we now have the comfort that if somebody in the area did suffer a cardiac arrest, they will have an increased chance of survival until a medical professional arrives.

Fraud and scams the risks

A scam is a fraud and who is at risk we all are, you are more likely to become a victim of fraud than any other crime. The villains involved are ruthless care little about their victims and do not discriminate. People of all age groups, and the vulnerable are all liable to fall victim of this crime, the biggest risk is thinking that it could not happen to me. Programmes like “Hustle” glamourize fraud but to a victim there is nothing glamorous about being a victim, it can and does destroy people’s lives.
Fraud comes from many directions and in many forms constantly evolving and by no means limited to the few examples below:
Postal delivery: Lottery and holiday wins (should be suspicious when you have not even entered it!); sales pitches involving a continued commitment, someone stranded abroad in need of cash, inheritance, and as below in “telephone, computers and the internet” these may come via the post too.
ATM and shops: Distraction at the ATM i.e. dropped cash and “shoulder surfing” for your PIN number, devices attached to the ATM to hold your card and/or read your PIN, “shoulder surfing” at the till in a store followed by a distraction in the car park while you are getting into the car in order to steal your card from within your bag in the car. Contactless credit cards can be read by unauthorised readers, this can be prevented by keeping them in foil card wallets available from some banks and online traders.
Telephone, Computers and the internet: You are told either by telephone or via an E-mail that you have virus in your computer and that you need to give them remote access to your computer, your telephone bill has not been paid and your telephone will be cut off, those in “postal delivery” above may also come via Email, there has been unusual activity on your bank account they obtain your account details from you and send a courier round for your card(s), You have shares in such and such company and we doing a hostile takeover and would like to buy yours – of course there will be a fee, shopping frauds, carbon credit scams.
The list would go on and on and I do not have the space to cover them all.
Reporting fraud and further advice is available from Action Fraud


or ring 0300 123 2040, other sources of advice are:


(also available from Essex Police stations).



Lastly remember if it looks too good to be true invariably it is, and you get nowt for nowt.

Stephen Armson-Smith