21st November 2016

Mobile Library

Tuesdays 22 November and 6 December

Boxted Playing Field car park 10.55 – 11.30 am

Why I have never read War and Peace: Eight Excuses


I’ve always meant to read it;
I really like the sound of it.
I had set aside the nineties
but never quite got round to it.


I won’t read the first half.
It’s because I’m a pacifist
I hope one day it could be abridged
but without all the nasty bits


The print’s too small to read;
it makes my interest dwindle.
I tried to read the ebook
but it was too big for my Kindle.


I’m afraid it’s not for me.
I loved Tolstoy 1, 2 and 3
but I won’t read this because
there’s no Woody or Buzz.


I’ve been stuck
on the first line
since nineteen ninety-nine.


I think I left it on the bus.
Or perhaps my dog ate it –
although it may have been the cat
(she thinks Tolstoy’s over-rated).


I tried to read it;
I really had the itch.
But the characters’ names
all sound the same
and I don’t know vich is vich


I fully intend to start it soon;
it is just a matter of when.

for the last ten years
I’ve been reading around it:
the jacket, the blurb, the ISBN.

Brian Bilston

Leo Tolstoy died 20 November 1910.

Church Services

Sunday 27 November

9.30 am Eucharist at St Mary’s Langham

11 am service at Boxted Methodist Church led by Brian Clow

Festive Band Service

A selection of carols, music and and readings for Advent with Boxted Methodist Silver Band. Everybody welcome.

Sunday 4 December at 3 pm. Boxted Village Hall.

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The bridge over the River Stour near Boxted Mill. Built in the Victorian era?