29th August 2016

Faces of The Village

Gwen Gant, who celebrated her 90th birthday last week.

Gwen has lived in the village all her life. She was born in Hope Cottages, Straight Road, and the family moved to a bungalow in Dedham Road after her mother suffered a heart attack. Both were council houses at the time. She started school at the Methodist Schoolroom (now the Methodist Church hall) from the age of 4 years and later progressed to St Peter’s school (when it was based next to St Peter’s Church) until leaving at the age of 14 years. She worked behind the counter at Percy King’s Haberdashery store in Crouch Street for 27 years until the shop closed. Gwen cycled there for 4 years until Went’s bus service started from the village. When it snowed she walked to Mile End and picked up the corporation bus. The rest of her working life was in administration with the DHSS in Colchester. Gwen has always been involved with aspects of village life. She was in the church choir for 55 years of which she recalls there were 30 members at one time. Gwen was an active member of the women’s section of the Boxted British Legion from 1946 until it closed and collected for the Poppy Fund for 44 years. She was Treasurer for 37 years and Standard Bearer for 35 years. Chairman of Evergreens for 20 years. On the parochial church council for 49 years but didn’t make 50 years because of a disagreement with the then vicar over the Remembrance Sunday service.

Does anyone know if Gwen is now the oldest person living in the village who was also born and bred in Boxted?

Editor’s note: Gwen reeled off all the numbers quoted above without hesitation. Brilliant for 90 years! No wonder she held the post of treasurer of the women’s section of the British Legion!

Percy King’s haberdashery store in Crouch Street, Colchester. Gwen remembers a butchers shop next to it and the children’s department of Percy Kings was alongside that.

Mobile Library


Tuesdays 30 August and 13 September

Boxted Playing Field car park 10.55 – 11.30 am
Read a review of the book Sycamore Row here:

Church Services

Sunday 4 September

9.30 am Sung Eucharist: St Peter’s Church, Boxted.

11 am service: Boxted Methodist Church

Ride and Stride for Churches

Saturday 10 September 9am to 5pm

Money raised is split between the rider/walker’s church of choice and the Friends of Essex Churches Trust. Last year over £74,000 was raised and quite a few people visited Boxted church which is manned throughout the day.

Find out more by visiting the website of Friends of Essex Churches Trusthttp://www.foect.org.uk where sponsorship forms can be downloaded or contact Annette Whybrow Tel 01206 272773 annettewhybrow@hotmail.com who has some forms.


Boxted Airfield Historical Group

Museum in Langham Lane, Langham, is open on Sunday 11 September as part of the nation-wide Heritage Open Weekend


Admission is free. It will also open as normal on the last Sundays of September (25th) and October (30th), 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. Further details available from Jeremy on 07885 657255 or e-mail jezzyh@btinternet.com

Boxted Neighbourhood Plan

The plan can be found here:


Hard copies will be available in the village hall and community hub from Tuesday 30 August.

A referendum will be held on Thursday 15 September 2016 to decide on the question below:

Do you want the Colchester Borough Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Boxted to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?


The Neighbourhood Plan Document prepared by Boxted Parish Council will become the Statutory Planning Document for Boxted – ALL planning applications for Boxted will have to comply with the policies included in the Boxted Neighbourhood Plan which are specific to Boxted.

Statutory financial contributions from the developer will be paid directly to the Parish Council to decide how to use these funds for the benefit of Boxted residents.


Colchester Borough Council’s Local Plan will be the Statutory Planning Document for Boxted.

Developers will not have to comply with the comprehensive policies specific to Boxted – only the more generic policies proposed by Colchester Borough Council.

Statutory financial contributions from the developer will be paid to Colchester Borough Council as the planning authority who will decide how to use these funds.


Voting NO to the Boxted Neighbourhood Development Plan will not result in there being NO development in Boxted – it will simply mean that Colchester Borough Council’s Local Plan will control development policies rather than the plan prepared by Boxted Parish Council after consultation with local residents.

If you are opposed to Colchester Borough Council’s development plans, which include development across the Borough and in many small villages similar to Boxted, it is important that you get involved in the current Preferred Options consultation. Full details of the Borough plans for Boxted (and the rest of the Borough) and how you can comment are included on Colchester Borough Council’s website.


This is the page of Colchester Borough Council’s Preferred Options for the Local Plan which is relevant to Boxted:


• 6.107 Boxted is a rural parish located approximately 3km to the north east of urban Colchester. Development in Boxted is currently concentrated within 3 distinct settlement areas: Boxted Cross, Workhouse Hill and Mill Road. These latter two settlement areas are not considered suitable locations for new growth as they have no community facilities and are not well served by public transport. Boxted Cross is considered to be a sustainable location for limited growth only as the few community facilities that Boxted does have are concentrated in this northern part of the parish however, like the rest of Boxted, it is has limited access to public transport.

• 6.108 Development in Boxted Cross has grown in a linear manner around Straight Road/Carters Hill, Dedham Road/Cage Lane crossroads extending north eastwards as far as Cooks Lane. The southern boundary of Boxted Cross settlement boundary runs just south of East Side.

• 6.109 Boxted is located approximately 6.5km from Colchester train station and 3km from the Park and Ride, Boxted Cross is the largest settlement within the Boxted Parish area. There are currently 555 households in the Boxted Parish area with 219 dwellings of these located within the current Boxted Cross settlement boundary. The primary school, village hall, bus stops and playing field are all located here, therefore Boxted Cross is the main community focus within the parish and an obvious location for some growth.

• 6.110 The Dedham Vale AONB abuts the north eastern edge of Boxted Cross settlement boundary in the vicinity of Cooks Lane. This restricts development opportunities northwards to ensure that the qualities of the Dedham Vale AONB are protected. Development is constrained to the northwest and west by arable land and land used as orchards/vineyard. Growth opportunities are constrained to the east by the sports and recreation ground and arable land. A local wildlife designation (Local Site Co136 Black Brook), is an extensive mosaic of habitats forming an important wildlife corridor on the eastern edge of Boxted Cross and represents a further constraint on development in this direction. Development southwards is also constrained due to the desire to prevent further ribbon development along Boxted Straight Road leading to the coalescence of settlements and to discourage further housing away from existing village services and facilities.

• 6.111 Boxted Parish Council has developed a Neighbourhood Plan that covers Boxted Parish. While the Boxted Neighbourhood Plan promotes residential development at Hill Farm, a derelict employment site located in Boxted Cross, it does not identify a specific number of houses to be delivered at Hill Farm. It does however,

set out a policy framework for Hill Farm and the wider Parish that all future development proposals in Boxted will have to accord with, if the Neighbourhood Plan is ‘made’. The Neighbourhood Plan has passed examination stage with a referendum being planned for September 2016. Development proposals will also be required to comply with Local Plan policies where relevant and outside of the scope of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Policy SS3: Boxted Housing Sites

All development proposals in Boxted parish including the Hill Farm site in Boxted Cross, as shown on the Boxted Policies Map SS3, will be determined against and be required to comply with policies in the Boxted Neighbourhood Plan and any relevant Local Plan policies.

Development at Hill Farm will be required to deliver a total of 7 affordable units 5 of these will need to be provided for local people to meet identified local need

This policy should be read in conjunction with policy SG7.

6.112 Hill Farm in Boxted Cross is currently allocated as a Rural Employment Site. In this Local Plan these are now known as Local Economic Areas (LEA). Hill Farm will not be retained as an LEA in the new Local Plan and the re-allocation of Hill Farm for residential use will be completed through the Boxted Neighbourhood Plan process if it is successful at referendum. The other 2 allocated LEAs on Straight Road will continue to be allocated for this use in the Local Plan. Any future development proposals on these sites will be required to comply with policies EG4.