11th July 2016

Faces of The Village

Andy and Linda Tralau (seated) their daughter Lindsay and Lindsay’s partner Trevor.

Trevor was looking for some voluntary work in his retirement and offered to maintain St Peter’s Church old graveyard. It has turned into a family affair with Lindsay’s young sons Owen and Reece often helping out as well.

Andy, Linda and Lindsay have 12 ancestors buried in the newer graveyard across Church Lane going back over 4 generations.

Boxted WI

Garden Party and Barbecue. Tuesday 12 July at Elmcroft.

Pictured above Boxted WI’s flower arrangement for the Queen’s 90th birthday celebration at the village church recently.

Trip to Wroxham with an optional boat trip

Wednesday 13 July £20 coach fare
with a (£10 optional boat trip)

Non members are welcome to join the Evergreen club for the above coach trip. Contact Lin on 272710

Parish Council July meeting

Wednesday 13 July, Boxted Village Hall. 7 pm.
Boxted Parish Council July Agenda can be read here:

Langham Singers

Next meet on Saturday, 16 July, 11.15 am to 1.15 pm. Langham Community Centre.

Essex Association of Change Ringers (EACR) NE District call-change competition.

Saturday 16 July, Langham Church, from 1 – 8 pm.

Church Services

Sunday July 17

8 am Said Eucharist at St Mary’s Church, Langham

9.30 am Family Service at St Mary’s Church, Langham.

11 am service at Boxted Methodist Church led by Phil Bingham

Mobile Library

Tuesdays 19 July and 2 August

Boxted Playing Field car park 10.55 – 11.30 am

The book, Boxted, a portrait of an English Village, by Douglas Carter, can be purchased from:
The Old Vicarage, Boxted, Colchester, CO4 5ST
Landline tel. +44 (0)1206 272773

Courtaulds – Success Story: a talk by Andrew Phillips

Boxted History Group: Boxted village hall 7.30 for 8 pm on Wednesday
20 July

Attended Refuse Freighter

This will be at the Playing Field Car Park
From 11am – 12 noon on Saturday 30 July.
For extra domestic collections of large household items.

* no fridges or freezers;
* please bring green garden waste separately to be composted;
* this service is provided for small loads and from domestic properties, so you can use this service to dispose of bulky items not normally collected with household waste;
* no commercial refuse or hazardous waste such as asbestos, batteries, liquids, gas bottles;
* no large loads please.
no electrical goods
* no items which can be recycled through kerbside collections

Neighbourhood Watch

20 June 2016: Straight Road: Suspects unknown have removed from victims front garden a large concrete bird bath by means unknown.

28 June 2016: Dedham Road: Suspects unknown have entered victims rear garden via insecure rear gate causing no damage. Suspects have then entered two sheds by forcing the locks, believed using crowbar or similar implement. tidy search. Tools and garden equipment stolen from within.

29 June 2016: Mill Road: Theft from a motor vehicle. Suspects unknown have forced the side door on victims van and removed his tools totalling approx £5000.

30 June 2016: Church Street: Suspect unknown has gained entry to two of the victims rear garden sheds by cutting off the locks to the doors. suspect has then removed a chainsaw, leaf blower and small can of fuel from inside the sheds.

1 July 2016: Accommodation Road: Suspect unknown has gained entry to a summerhouse by breaking the lock and has stolen tools and an air rifle leaving the doors open. The suspect has also gained entry to a barn and stables on the property, not known if anything stolen at this time, doors to the stables and barn also left open.

1 July 2016: Church Street: Suspect unknown has forced secure shed door causing no permanent damage then removed garden tools from inside the shed.

1 July 2016: Church Road: Suspect unknown has entered the victims rear garden leaving a side gate open and then entered the victims garage via an insecure door. Nothing has been removed, suspect have destroyed a cherry tree located outside the front of the victims property within the gravel driveway by cutting the branches and snapping the trunk in half.

1 July 2016: Dedham Road: Suspects unknown have gained entry to the victims three sheds by cutting off the padlocks and removed an off road motorcycle and other items.

Going on Holiday?
• Check your home insurance cover – Ensure any newly purchased items are covered within your contents insurance

• Install a timer – Put lights on a timer to come on in the evening. Invest in a TV simulator such as “Fake TV”. Consider leaving a radio on a timer during the day. These are effective ways to make it look like someone is at home.

• Leave curtains and blinds open – Closed or half closed curtains throughout the daytime can make it obvious you’re away

• Mow the lawn before you go away – This will ensure your garden doesn’t look suspiciously un-kept and overgrown

• Don’t forget the postman! – If you are going away for a long period of time consider signing up to the Royal Mail Keepsafe™ service which will hold your postal deliveries for up to 66 days. This will ensure a pile of post doesn’t collect on your door mat making it obvious you’re away, and if you still have milk delivery cancel that too.

• Keep valuable items out of sight – If items are small, consider keeping them in a lockable safe (check the insurance rating is appropriate to that stored within) or hidden out the way. Always leave some “sacrificial jewellery” out in the bedroom; it may prevent the search for your more cherished items.

• Don’t announce you’re going on holiday on social media – If you want to share your positive experience with your friends, share it when you get back. You never know who may see your post and consequently research where you live or use that information to facilitate a fraud at your place of work.

• Ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye out for when you’re away – If your neighbour has more than one car and you have taken yours away, it may be worth asking if they would park on your drive.

• Leave a contact telephone number of a key holder with the immediate neighbour if they are not your key holder.

• Unplug all electrical appliances that aren’t on timers – This will save on potential powers surges and energy for items left on standby

• Securely lock all windows, doors, gates, garages and sheds – Do not leave spare keys anywhere in sight.

• Remember an address displayed on a luggage label can also tell the thief that you are away.

• Make time for a final check – Before you leave make sure you spend the time to walk around your home and garden ensuring its left as safe and secure as possible.


A poem by Douglas Carter.
Lifetime resident of Boxted
13 February 1927 – 20 June 2016

You remember Bill Bates, used to work for Giles at Badgers End.
There weren’t a tool upon that farm that fella couldn’t mend,
From hay forks to harvesters or any mortal thing
He’d mend it in an instant with a bit of binder string.

Late last week the old bull got out, he rant and roared around
Nobody could get near him, he pummeled up the ground.
The master said “Bill, the old bull’s got out, he’s bin and bust his ring”
So Bill lassoo’d the beggar with a bit of binder string.

Now Bill courted Mabel 7 year, and then he said let’s wed
I’ve got a table and some chairs and me granny’s feather bed.
I’ve half a ton of taters up the field, that I can bring.
And I’ve got some lovely doormats, I’ve made with binder string.

Mabel said yes, we’ll get wed before they cut the hay.
So they had a slap up wedding on 23rd May.
But when Bill got to the church, of course he’d lost the ring,
So he had to marry Mabel with a bit of binder string.

Next year a daughter came to bless the happy pair.
She’d great big eyes like saucers and a mass of lovely hair.
Bill said to the parson, at the baby’s christening,
Her hair is just the colour of a bit of binder string.

Time went by and Old Bill died, he got to heaven’s door.
He heard the folk all singing and he was worried sore.
He said to good St. Peter, Sir, I’ve never learned to sing
I have been so busy mending things with bits of binder string.

St. Peter said don’t worry Bill, the Master understands
You know he’s been a carpenter, he likes folk to use their hands.
We need a handy chap like you cause we’ve lots of folk who sing
There’s plenty of work up here for you. Have you brought your binder string?

So Bill he dwells in heaven now, he’s very happy there.
He’s got a little workshop just behind St. Peter’s chair.
And when the angels play their harps and all the folks they sing
He’s busy mending cherubs’ toys with bits of binder string.


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