4th June 2016

Mobile Library

Tuesdays 7 and 21 June

Boxted Playing Field car park 10.55 – 11.30 am

Florists preparing for a wedding at Boxted Church last year.

Village organisations and individuals will be busy this week preparing for the flower festival next weekend.

Church Services

Sunday June 12

9.30 am Sung Eucharist St Peter’s Church, Boxted.

11 am service at Boxted Methodist Church led by Ron Firmin

Boxted W I

June 14th

Wildlife Walk round Boxted with Kieran Alexander from Essex Wildlife Trust.


Start and finish at Boxted village hall.

July 12th

Garden Party and BBQ Elmcroft

History Group

The group will be visiting Felixstowe Museum on Wednesday June 15.

The Fisherman’s Mission – a talk by Andy Malcolm.

Evergreen Club meeting, Thursday June 16 Boxted Village Hall, 2.30 pm

Boxted Airfield Historical Group

Museum in Langham Lane, Langham, is open on the last Sunday of each month over the summer period, 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. On Tuesday 21 June Michael Pugh-Davis will speak on The Battle of Britain. Further details available from Jeremy on 07885 657255 or e-mail jezzyh@btinternet.com

Home Fire Safety

Essex County Fire & Rescue Service is promoting home fire safety visits and will, if necessary, install smoke alarms free-of-charge. For a free home fire safety visit phone 0300 303 0088 or contact Peter Dawson on 07775 667753 for more details.

Neighbourhood Watch

Your identity and personal information are valuable so it’s important to protect them.

Criminals can use your personal details to open bank accounts and get credit cards, passports and driving licences in your name.

This is known as identity crime.

Identity theft and identity fraud are two types of identity crime.

Identity theft is when someone gains enough information about an identity (e.g, name, date of birth, address) to commit identity fraud. It’s the misappropriation of the identify of another person without their knowledge or consent.

Identity Fraud

Identity fraud occurs when a stolen identity is used to gain goods or services by deception e.g, open a bank account, gain benefits or apply for credit cards.


Criminals commit identity theft by stealing personal information, usually from documents they find in the rubbish.

A stolen identity can result in identity fraud which can affect your personal finances and chances of getting a loan, credit card or mortgage.

Bank and credit cards

If any of your cards are lost or stolen, cancel them straight away and never give card details or personal information over the phone or on the internet when other people can see or hear.

Don’t carry cards unnecessarily. If you don’t need them, leave them in a safe place.


If your driving licence is lost or stolen, contact the issuing organisation straight away.

Get in the habit of checking your bank statements. If you spot any transactions you didn’t expect, contact the company concerned.

Destroy unwanted documents using a shredder. Don’t throw away bills, bank statements, receipts or unwanted post in your name without shredding it first.

Keep personal information somewhere safe like a lockable drawer or cupboard.

Passwords and PINs

Keep passwords safe and don’t store them anywhere that means they may be stolen such as your purse or on your mobile phone.

Try not to use the same password for more than one account.

Never give personal or account details to anyone who contacts you unexpectedly even if they claim to be from your bank or the police. Take a phone number and call them back to make sure they are genuine. Remember a bank will never ask for your PIN or your whole password.
Sent by Kevin Blake, Essex Watch Liaison Officer, to all of Essex.


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