18th January 2016

Mobile Library

Tuesdays 19 January and 2 February.

Boxted Playing Field car park 10.55 – 11.30 am






Having a declutter?

Emmaus http://www.emmaus.org.uk/colchester/about_us in Colchester can collect unwanted items. As well as furniture for their charity they also work with Beacon House http://www.beaconhouseministries.org.uk in Colchester who support vulnerable people and Emmaus are now acting as a collection point for donations to the refugee camp in Calais.

History Group

Nat King Cole by John kinght

Wednesday 20 January in Boxted Village Hall. 7.30 for 8 pm

Pictured above: The spiral staircase in Boxted Church tower

Church Services: Sunday January 24

9.30 am Eucharist at St Peter’s Boxted

11 am service at the Methodist Church

4.30 am Evensong at St Peter’s Boxted

Bring and Buy Unwanted Gifts:

Evergreens Club, Thursday 28 January 2.30 pm Boxted Village Hall

The Shepherd at Langham are taking part in The World’s Biggest Pub Quiz.
Contact them to book a table http://www.shepherdlangham.co.uk

Neighbourhood Watch

Essex Police have a new website page called Online Service. This covers noise nuisance, street lighting, pot holes and road repairs, abandoned vehicles. There are also links to the following – Ask the Police, Crimestoppers, Action Fraud and True Vision – Select the following link for further details –

Most burglars are opportunists, they leave home with the intention of committing the crime, but their target has yet to be identified. Take away that first attraction and you do not become that target. First attraction: – open or insecure gates or ready access to the rear of the property, overgrown shrubs that conceals the front door, insecure properties, lack of obvious security like good locks (with a PVCu door etc have you locked it correctly i.e. lift the handle and turn the key or thumb turn, and if replacing the lock cylinder look for a British Standard TS007 three star Europrofile replacement) and an intruder alarm is a good deterrent.

Become an illusionist make your home appear occupied even when you are out, a burglar is more than likely to only see your home in one moment in time. Simple things like lights on timers and “Fake TV” for the evenings, you can now even get a timer that fits over your light switches (search on the internet for light switch timer). During the day leave a radio on, boots outside the back door, vacuum cleaner out with the lead going out of sight (not plugged in though), newspaper over the arm of the chair with a drink on the table and a pair of spectacles, the list goes on. Don’t leave garden tools out in the garden though or you may find the burglar uses them, lock them securely away in a secure shed or garage (use a shed alarm too).