Boxted Migration – The Great Migration to New England 1630-1640

Author Douglas Carter

Price £10.00

Great Migration

Wool and the weaving of cloth made the Stour Valley, including Boxted, increasingly prosperous in the 15th and 16th Centuries. Sadly by the 1620’s the cloth trade was in terminal decline, which together with numerous bad harvests and the plague destroyed prosperity.

Boxted had also become a hotbed of puritan agitation against the established church. In 1630, Boxted’s vicar, Reverend George Philips, led 30 of his congregation to join 700 others from the East of England in a hazardous migration to the “Promised Land” of New England on the east coast of North America.

Eventually they founded Watertown, now a prosperous suburb of Boston. Their descendants have included the second and sixth Presidents of the Unites States (both named John Adams) and more recently a leading US senator

Boxted, Portrait of an English Village

Author Douglas Carter

Price £20.00

The book was launched in November 2006 and we have sold more than 700 copies by the end of the year. The original investors have had their loans repaid. All profits will be going to St. Peter’s church.

An 181 page History of Boxted, a village on Essex/Suffolk border from Neolithic to Modern times with 175 photographs both old and newNotable historical storylines include:

  • The Tale of Betty Potter, a witch
  • The Great Migration to The New World/Massachusetts in 1620/40
  • A meeting place of 20 th Century artists and writers
  • Queen Boudicca’s passage through Boxted
  • Boxted’s woollen weaving industry
  • Boxted and the Civil War 1642-9

Additional interests:

  • The publication as a community project
  • The role of the local Historian and/or History group
  • The connections between Boxted and Watertown and other towns in Massachusetts, USA
  • The decline of the village pub


From time to time this magazine receives town or village histories to review. Few are as well put together as this book about a sleepy village on the borders of Essex and Suffolk, near Colchester. It is written and researched by the local historian Douglas Carter and looks at Boxted from prehistoric to modern times. (The Suffolk Magazine)

“a guidebook and a half . . . for it tutors the reader all along, tying in Boxted’s history with England’s history and showing how a little rural community had a role in mighty events.  It is both scholarly and intimate, as a good guide should be”. (Ronald Blythe, author of Akenfield and many other published works on English life and history)

“Forget todays TV soaps – if it’s drama you’re after, the life and times of Boxted provide enough exciting and intriguing storylines to rival the combined populations of Walford, Weatherfield and Emmerdale” (East Anglian Daily Times, 25.11.06)

“This beautiful pictorial account of the village and its history has been written by Douglas Carter whose family have been living in Boxted since 1815 . . . it is the creator’s personal knowledge and experience of Boxted which lends the book its air of authenticity and, with a stream of colourful pictures complementing the interesting snippets of Boxted facts, it does exactly what it says on the cover – provides a portrait of an English village” (Colchester Evening Gazette, 17.11.06)

Lest We Forget


A Tribute To The Boxted Fallen


With contributions by Annette Whybrow, Douglas Carter, Robin Budenburg, Hugh Large and Stephen Whybrow.

Price £5:00

Any donations received for this book will be shared equally between The Royal British Legion and Help for Heroes.

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